Scott Calvert

I first took up a camera in the 1960s. I continue to be fascinated in the process of capturing light in captivating images of landscapes, flora and fauna here in the western United States, across the world and especially in Africa. Click on any photo below and go to similar images or "browse" (upper right hand corner).
The Africa Galleries bear some additional comment. I have included many shots that are not as tack sharp as I'd like, and I know it. This was a challenging adventure working with moving subjects from moving platforms, a very long telephoto, sometimes less than adequate light and a less than perfect operator behind the lens. That being said, the shots "tell the story" which is why they are included. I also must note that I have my best friend, life partner and wife, Kori, to thank for about a quarter of the shots as you will note by the copywrite marks. She has quite a good eye as you'll see.